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“Experiencing the Living Light Blessing through Carrie provided me with an experience of connection and Oneness.  I was filled with peace and joy and a knowing of my connection to all.” --ASB

“I was given a Living Light Blessing by Carrie Bodane.  It was the first one I had and it was amazing.  Light poured in and through me and I was clearly changed by it.  I find that I am freer from third dimensional issues and observations and more at peace with myself and the world.  This means to me that my consciousness was lifted by this blessing and that issues were cleared.  It is a powerful blessing which, no matter where your consciousness is, will raise it and give you the gifts your soul wants you to have at that time.” ~H. Pierson

“The Living Light Blessing I experienced through Carrie Bodane was one of the most important days of my life.  I experienced a major spiritual breakthrough that sent my consciousness soaring to new heights of awareness.  I felt that I was experiencing my true nature on a level that I had never attained before.  It was wonderful!” ~ F. Wheeler

"I had several sessions with Carrie to address physical issues with my body.  After the first session, I could feel a huge shift in how my body felt.  Things were more fluid, calmer, and in better balance and alignment.  It was an amazing feeling!  I highly recommend Carrie's loving, soulful, light-filled services.  She is a gifted healer."  - Elise Fee

"Carrie is a gifted healer and a huge blessing on the planet! I highly recommend her powerful work to assist you in your personal evolution and awakening. I experienced wonderful light energy and a great sense of peace while receiving her unique energetic transmissions. Carrie is an expert in energy medicine and the quality of her work is amazing!"  -Angela Mandato



“The experience of this workshop was so amazing and enlightening – especially to a “beginner” like me.  -- CWB

“Thank you for such a “bliss-filled” weekend. I can’t wait to put my new clarity to use in my life. You are a blessing!” -- Kim Bouchard


“This has continued to deepen my understanding of the powers and principles available to assist in our Ascension Path. It feels like a very valuable body of wisdom…” Sharri Gaines


"Since attending Ascension Light Blessing seminars, I have felt profound effects in all areas of my life. I have compiled a list of the changes I have experienced since the workshop. I have experienced release of mental patterns, boundaries and limited thinking, release of tension, greater heart connection and intuition and greater physical strength. I am experiencing higher states of consciousness. In other words, it feels like the clouds have broken up and I can see/feel the sun shining through. Thank you for this great gift. -- Jackie Reisberg"

“Ascension Light Matrix is a powerful transformational Light that can touch you deeply, awaken your own transformational spirit, and heal your personal pain. I heartfully recommend Carrie and her Ascension Light Blessing as an inspired resource for you to avail yourself of as a quantum step in your own evolution." -- Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Co-founder, Spiritual and Program Director, The Center for Soulful Living, Inc.

“Through my Ascension light blessing treatments I feel I have learned to sit back and enjoy life a little more. Instead of always being in the fast lane I now stop every now and then and watch. I have learned to relax and be more positive rather than focusing on the negative. My relationship with my young daughter, who also received Carrie’s assistance has grown. She has become more peaceful and happy.

In addition, my lower back was completely frozen and locked up. I was in excruciating pain and this went on for months. Within a few sessions with Carrie I resolved some underlying issues and my back got better and better. I literally went from feeling like tin man to feeling like Gumby. For me it was getting my life back as I once knew it. The chiropractor could not help me so finding you and working with you has truly been a blessing for me. I felt energy and light passing through my body during sessions that blew me away. It was such a great feeling of freedom and lightness, in a way a letting go. Thank you, Carrie.” -- S. Nyers


“This workshop on the rays is empowering. I have gained great tools to allow for my own personal spiritual and emotional growth as well as a way of helping many others.” -- ASB


Carrie Bodane, LMBT (NC #649)
Raleigh, NC 27614
(919) 874-0060

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