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About Private Sessions

Private Sessions
Private sessions are available in person, via telephone, Skype, and Gmail Chat.

30, 45-and-60-minute sessions are available in person or at a distance.  In addition to receiving the Blessings, Carrie will provide her services as a Spiritual Counselor, assisting you with understanding the soul dynamics that relate to healing and transformation at the time of the session.

About Family Group Sessions
This offering is provided to family members who will participate as a group in person or at a distance to address the group dynamic of the family (including pets).  The following energy dynamics are examples of what can be addressed:

  • Raising the spiritual consciousness of  the participants within the group
  • Clearing the karma of the group
  • Clearing  karma between individuals within the group
  • Gaining assistance with transforming sadness, fear, anger, grief from the challenges of separation, divorce, loss of a loved one, or challenges with health, career, and finances
  • Enhancing the ability to communicate with one another
  • Enhancing the ability to see each other’s situation from a clear perspective
Enhancing compassion and forgiveness toward one another

Private and Group Session Fees

60 Minute Private Sessions


60 - 75 Minute Higher Brain Living Sessions - Contact Carrie for introductory specials and pricing information


Carrie Bodane, LMBT (NC #649)
Raleigh, NC 27614
(919) 874-0060

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